The original strip, the original tease: discover the Doll House, Perth’s original strip club

We strongly believe how a club feels – that overall atmosphere – is what makes a club great. From the warm welcome as you arrive to the beautiful dancing girls, from the luxurious interior to the relaxed crowd: we bring everything together to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy.

Welcome to the Doll House, the Original Gentlemen’s Club.

Knowing exactly what you like is the reason we’ve been around for longer than any other strip club in Perth. We’re stylish, not pretentious – chilled out, but still wild. We attract people just like you and your friends: genuine and friendly guys and gals who want to share a night of fun and fantasy.

The perfect night out, where you always feel at home

  • The best strip club atmosphere in town
  • Sexy, flirtatious and interactive dancers
  • Perfect for bucks parties and corporate events
  • Relaxed mood but wild events
  • Play pool and chill out in comfy surroundings
  • Spacious interior with room for all your friends
  • A warm welcome and the friendliest service

Whether you just want to kick back with friends, shoot some pool and watch the girls from afar, or you want to get a little closer to the action with some flirtatious tipping – we have the venue for you.
In other words we’ve combined the chilled out atmosphere you need to unwind from a tough day with the wild energy and sexuality of our dancing girls.

Perth's Night Owl Strip Club

And that’s not all. The Doll House is the night owl of Perth strip clubs . While other strip clubs will kick you out at 2:00am, we’re open until 5:00am – so you and your buddies can enjoy yourself (and our dancers) all night long. All you need to do is remember whose shout it is…

Ideal for your next big night out: bucks parties, birthdays, work nights or club events – we can offer you the perfect package to suit your needs and your budget.

Get in touch with us today and discover why the Doll House is Perth’s original gentlemen’s strip club. Make your booking now by filling out our enquiry form or calling us on (08) 9227 7029