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Tipping Strippers

Which girl will capture your attention? Tipping Strippers at the Doll House, Perth

You can watch our beautiful dancing girls from a distance, but to get the most from the Doll House experience (and the most from the girls) it’s best to interact with them.

Tipping is Flirting

It’s your way to grab the attention of the girl who has caught yours. It allows you to connect to each other. For those few moments neither of you will even remember they’re other people in the room. You can let her know which part of her body is turning you on with just a look. She will notice and respond to you, giving you the show you’re looking for.

Flirting with a Stripper

The more flirting you do, the more her attention will be focused on you. Your connection only strengthens and you get more and more one-on-one attention.

Lap Dance

And don’t forget, you have the power to make it an even more intimate experience by buying a private lap dance. Then you get to feel her luscious, sensuous moves against you, with her looking right into your eyes – just a few inches away.

To flirt with your favourite dancer, book your night at Perth’s original strip club, contact us today on (08) 9227 7029 or fill out our simple booking form.