Chase the Ace Thursdays


Every Thursday night at the Doll House it’s Chase the Ace night. And you could win a lap dance.

That’s right, two lucky souls could win a lap dance with the dancer of their choice. It doesn’t cost you anything to enter, you will get a chance to win just be being in the club and buying a drink or lap dance. What could be better than that?

How does the game work?

It’s simple; every Thursday night we will perform two draws (a bit like a raffle). If your ticket matches the one drawn, you will be invited to come on stage and pick one of the dancers on stage in a line-up to pull down their G-string to see if she’s hiding the ace.

If you select the dancer with the ace sticker you win a lap dance. And, if your ticket is drawn and you don’t find the ace, at the very least you’ll win a drink on us.

How do you get tickets for the draw?

We don’t charge you a cent for tickets. Every time you buy a lap dance, beer, wine or spirit we will give you a single Chase the Ace ticket. So buy three beers, you get three chances to win. So during the course of the night you’ll get loads of chances to win.

What time are the three draws on Thursdays?

First draw: 10:30pm
Second draw: 12:30am

You must be present for the draw to be eligible to win. If the ticket holder does not come forward within one minute of the draw, a new ticket will be drawn. For full rules and terms, please below.

*Not redeemable for cash and must be claimed on the night of the draw.

So come and play Chase the Ace at the Doll House every Thursday night. Get here nice and early, get a couple of drinks in and you’ll be ready to win a dance or free drink.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on (08) 9227-7029 today.



There are two chances every Thursday to win a lap dance. You must have a ticket to be in the draw. You will be given a single ticket for each lap dance, beer, wine, or spirit you purchase.


  1. Each ticket is numbered, and you must retain your ticket to win.
  2. You must hand your ticket to the staff to be placed in the barrel. The barrel will remain behind the main bar in full public view at all times during the night. At the time of each draw the barrel will be moved to the main stage area and a ticket will be drawn by a Dollhouse approved manager.
  3. There are two draws on Thursday night with the first draw being at 10:30 pm, the second draw at 12:30am.
  4. Ticket allocation will end at the time the barrel is moved from behind the bar to the main stage for the draw.
  5. No tickets will be allocated after 12:30am.
  6. All non-winning tickets for each draw will be removed from the barrel after each draw. For example, all tickets in the barrel before the 10:30pm draw will be taken out after the 10:30pm draw has occurred.
  7. The holder of the winning ticket MUST be present at the time of the draw. If the ticket holder is not found within one minute of the draw there will be a re-draw and the next ticket drawn will be the winner.
  8. The winning ticket number will be announced over the speaker system at least twice.
  9. The holder of the winning ticket gets to choose from a line-up of Dollhouse dancers on stage to see whether his/her chosen dancer has the Ace sticker hidden beneath her G-string. If the Ace is revealed then that person wins the lap dance. If the Ace is not revealed then another draw will occur with a new ticket holder being given a chance to find the Ace. If the Ace is not revealed the second time, another ticket will be drawn and that ticket holder will get to choose a Dollhouse dancer to see if she has the Ace hidden. If the Ace is not found after three attempts then no lap dance is won.


CHASE THE ACE PRIZE – Lap Dance – consolation prizes can be a free drink or return free entry card.

*not redeemable for cash and prize must be used on the night of the draw.