Saturday the 25th of July, 2016

On this fateful day many moons ago, a young red faced and sweaty Genga emerged from his beautiful mother with his trademark mischievous smile and his little legs bent as he performed the very first slutdrop that he would bestow upon the world.

Growing up in country Victoria, was the perfect place for him to perfect his dancing abilities until a family trip to visit Uluru on his 4th birthday found him in the company of a pack of wild Dingo’s. They took him in and treated him as one of their own. But alas over the years Genga began to realise he was slightly different to the other dingo pups with his bright red mane and this made him sad.

So Genga travelled the lands looking for his true home. He visited the hot desert of Karratha, he spent time in ‘Harlem’ learning about the rich culture behind iced tea,  he found his way into the jungle and lived with a Big Ape and eventually made his way to Perth where he found himself in the home of the Underground.

This year see’s Christmas come early with Genga celebrate his 30th year of birthing the ‘Dirty 30’ if you will and he knew the perfect venue to bring this dream alive is The Doll House.

Filled with the perfect amounts of fantasy, fun & boobies and the sexy santa helpers could even teach Gengaclaus a thing or two about pole dancing. Whether you’re a guy or gal, believe me when I tell you they will be able to capture your attention from even my glorious ginger beard.

Party Jams, Fake Tans, Booty Bass & Genga’s Endless Grace. Expect boobies, expect dress ups, expect slutdrops, expect booty pops but most of all, expect party times. Because there’s a birfday party in Genga’s Fanta pants…. and your all invited.

We take over the Doll House for one night only, join us as we celebrate in true form with a Christmas in July Boobie Birfday Bash and lets party like its 1999.

Doors at 8pm
DJs from 10pm
Free entry for anyone using the code #gengabellsdirty30 on the door.

Genga Seedy Santa Bday Set
Micah Black
Klean Kicks
Seymour Butts
and every other drunken dj that hijacks the booth.

Ill provide the ginger for whoever wants to be in my gingerbread sandwich.

The Doll House Gentlemen’s Club, 329 Charles St, North Perth


Gingerbread cookies will actually be provided.
Genga will be bringing out the seedy santa outfit
Genga’s naughty helpers will be on hand providing entertainment.
Good tidings are welcome and ill happily accept gifts in any tequila or rum form 😉

See you there.