Dress Code

Want to know the Doll House strip club dress code?

Let’s sort out the all important strip club dress code question once and for all. We have your best interest at heart; so listen up.

Just imagine this: it’s your shout, you approach the bar and a stunning girl looks up and catches your eye. She smiles at you. Her next move is inevitable – she checks out what you’re wearing (girls love a guy with a sense of style).

Try to dress so you pass this test and you’ll fit right in at the Doll House.

Here is a simple rule to follow. Dress smart, dress sharp – but don’t stress. We may be Perth’s original and most exclusive strip club, but we’re not stuffy. If you have made the effort to look good, we’ll notice (and so will our dancers).

So tell me, what’s not allowed?

We don’t get heavy about what you can and can’t wear. But there is a standard we observe in the club and if you want to be waved through with a smile from our door staff, please avoid the following:

  • Sports-like shoes
  • Shorts
  • Tank tops and cut offs
  • Club paraphernalia
  • Beanies
  • Shorts

You’ll likely be refused entry if you come in any of these items. That wasn’t too tough, was it? Besides, the only attention you’ll get from the opposite sex wearing these items is the unwanted sort.

Can I wear my jeans?

You can. But go for the smart jeans. Not the baggy, hanging around your butt, lounging with your boys “I’m a dude” jeans. Go for a pair that actually fit that athletic frame of yours (that does describe you, right?).

I love to wear hats, can I in your strip club?

If you’re the stylish type who can pull of a Trilby, then don’t be shy; bring your style with you. But baseball caps and beanies are just not the look we want or the look that’s going to get you anywhere.

What about my shades, can I wear my sunnies?

Yes, you can. But honestly, why the hell would you want to? Only one person can wear shades to a club and get away with it. And let’s be honest, you ain’t no Stevie Wonder. Everyone else looks like a try hard fool. Enough said?

And one final word, it doesn’t matter if you’re Jude Law decked out in the latest catwalk fashions – if you’re tanked up we can’t let you in. Don’t be offended, it’s just so everyone can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere (and it’s the law). Come back another time, with a couple less drinks in you, and you’ll stroll right in.

Did we answer your question? If not, get in touch with us today. You can make your booking at the same time. Call (08) 9227 7029 or use our enquiry form today.