The Late Antonino Gurgone was a man with a vision. More than a decade ago he founded the Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Perth to give people a place to relax and unwind. He didn’t want it to be a typical dive full of boring stereotypes, he wanted it to be classy, to set the standard for its kind. Thirteen years and 500,000 visitors have proven that it has, and although many other joints like it have popped up in the area, none of them outmatch the original. They never will.

Antonio, known to his family and friends (and he had a lot of them) as “Tony,” was a man that everybody loved. He was a mentor, a second father, and a reliable friend. He was always loyal to the people he cared for and was there to help them if they were in a pinch. He was the person you knew you could trust no matter how difficult the situation.

Tony was gracious, kind, and eager to welcome anybody who came to the club. He wasn’t the sort of guy who would be aloof, off to the side while everyone was having a good time. He would always be right in the action. An excellent pool player, he spent a lot of time at the tables, playing anybody who was willing. Anybody who met him liked him instantly, and a friend in Tony was a friend for life.

Although he will be missed by everyone who knew him, the legacy he has built will carry on forever.