How to Treat Our Strippers

How to Treat our Strippers and Adult Entertainers


At the Dollhouse we are night owls, but we are also gentlemen – and know you want to be too. That said, we know that nobody teaches people at a university about how to behave around exotic dancers in an adult entertainment establishment, so we want to give you some general guidelines on how to act once you pass through our doors and see the beautiful women of your dreams. We know you want to be the best guest possible.

Our Strippers Determine How Erotic your Night will be

To have a good night out at the Doll House, the most important thing is to know how to treat the female strippers who are here to entertain you. They are in control of how erotic your night will be, so it’s very important for you to do your best to be a true gentleman and catch their attention and earn their respect.

Respect for our Strippers can be Rewarding

This means that the most important rule is to remember that they want to entertain you—they may be hot strippers, but this does not make them just “objects”. They deserve to be treated with the same level of respect you’d treat anyone else. Ask them how their night is going! Joke around with them in a friendly way. Show an interest in what they have to think. That all goes towards creating a positive connection.

The Basic on Treating an Adult Entertainer and Having a Hot Night

So, what do these rules mean in practice? Let’s go step by step through the basic ways to treat an adult entertainer.

Step One—Sip your Drinks

Sip your drinks. Relax and have fun. Women love a man who can hold his liquor and drink a bit without losing his cool.

Step Two—Look Good for Them

Look good. Put on a nice jacket and a pair of trousers. Women love to spend time with well-dressed men, and it shows them that you are putting an effort into getting their attention. They put a lot of effort into looking good for you – you can do the same for them!

Step Three—Good Conversation

Try to be interesting and genuine. Be willing to talk about yourself in ways that spark a conversation. Ask them friendly questions. We are sure you are an interesting guy, so don’t be shy!

Step Four—Be a Class Act

Stay classy. Our entertainers are professional exotic dancers, and it impresses them when you act like a professional too. Compliment their eyes or the way they danced. Say things that show them you are interested in them as a person. You know the types of things gentlemen never say in front of ladies; and we are sure that you’ll have more fun when you demonstrate that you are a class act.

Step Five—Let our Strippers lead the way

Let the women take the lead. If one of our entertainers wants to touch you, that’s her choice – and you’ll surely appreciate it. But that’s up to her, so be relaxed and wait until she leads things in the direction you want to go. There’s no need to be pushy!

Step Six—Be Generous

The female strippers at the Dollhouse work hard to show you a good time. Giving a tip is not a bribe. It’s a way of showing them that you appreciate their hard work and find them attractive. It lets you start flirting with them, which makes them feel good about themselves and want to spend time with you, especially in lap dances.

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