Lap Dances

We don’t think you’ll find a better lap dance in Perth?

You’ve been enjoying the best atmosphere in town at the original Perth strip club for a few drinks now. You’ve been watching your favourite dancer for a while – she has caught your eye with some jaw-dropping moves.

With flirtatious looks exchanged and a few tipping dollars strategically placed, your desire for something more builds.

Lap Dances at the Doll House

Now is the time for the ultimate strip club experience – a Doll House lap dance. This is a private, up close and personal striptease. And boy do we go heavy on the tease.

Our lap dances are for everyone, enjoyed by all our customers: guys and girls. And for you couples out there, why not enjoy a lap dance together for the ultimate turn-on experience. In our opinion, a Doll House lap dance works better than any aphrodisiac on the planet.

Our lap dances are not seedy backroom affairs; they’re the expression of sexual energy. They’re there to get your heart pumping and to send your imagination on a sexual journey like no other.

What does it cost?

Our lap dance rates are very competitive. A standard length lap dance will last for 10 minutes and will cost you about $80. However, the lap dance you buy will depend on what deal you strike with our dancers. You may wish to pay more for a longer dance – it’s up to you.

Please note: if you’re looking for something longer than our standard dance, it’s very important that you clearly understand the price and the duration of your dance before commencing.

What are the rules for lap dancing?

We’re a relaxed strip club, we trust our customers to behave appropriately and respect the girls performing the dances. But with that said, some rules are necessary and we will not tolerate anyone who breaks these rules. They’re there to protect you and our girls:

  1. You must not touch the dancer with your hands.
  2. Drinks are not allowed in with you during a private lap dance.
  3. You must be respectful and polite during your dance.
  4. Strictly no photography is allowed, so keep that phone in your pocket.
  5. Lewd or obscene language towards our dancers is not acceptable (and that goes for any of our team).
  6. Our dancers are not prostitutes, so it is strictly forbidden to proposition them in this way.

A lap dance at the Doll House is a truly memorable experience and they’re memories you can replay again and again. To book your next party or night out, call us today on (08) 9227 7029 or fill out our enquiry form now.